Install .exe setup remotely on multiple windows systems/servers using PowerShell

PowerShell Script


  1. Start WinRM service using following command on all systems.
Enable-PSRemoting -Force

2. Turn of UAC Setting in all Remote systems.

Control Panel => System and Security => Security and Maintenance => Security => Change Settings of User Account Control to Never Notify.

3. Add all remote host machines to trusted host list by starting Powershell in Run As Administrator Mode and run following command.

set-item wsman:\localhost\client\trustedhosts -Concatenate -value 'hostname'

PowerShell script to install .exe setup in multiple remote system/server:

  1. Create servers.txt file and add list of remote hosts in new line.

2. Create PowerShell script using below code and run to install setup in remote server.


This script will install required setup to all remote systems.




DevOps Engineer

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Siddharth Lakhani

Siddharth Lakhani

DevOps Engineer

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